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Welcome to Finca La Holandesa where tradition meets excellence in every cup of coffee. Nestled in the heart of Colombia’s lush coffee-growing region, Eje Cafetero, our family owned specialty coffee farm is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of Colombian coffee while innovating sustainable practices that respect our environment and empower our community.
Our mission is to cultivate the finest specialty coffee beans, handpicked with care and passion passed down through generations. By combining traditional methods with modern techniques, we ensure each bean embodies the unique tastes and aromas that make Colombian coffee renowned worldwide.

At Finca La Holandesa, we are more than just coffee producers, we are stewards of the land and guardians of a legacy. We strive to bring you a coffee experience that connects you to the earth and the hands that nurture it. Join us in a journey of taste, tradition, and transformation, one cup at a time.
At Finca La Holandesa, we look after the complete production from plants to processing to exporting and importing and end user sales. Our goal is to bring not only our specialty coffee but that of other small hold Colombian famers from Risaralda, Quindío, Tolima, Valle del Cauca and more to Europe and beyond.


Our family-operated specialty coffee farm is driven by a set of clear, heartfelt objectives that guide every step we take from our soil to your cup:

  1. Quality Above All: To produce the highest quality specialty coffee through meticulous cultivation, selective harvesting, and innovative processing techniques. Our commitment to excellence ensures every bean meets the exceptional standards Colombian
    coffee is celebrated for.
  2. Sustainability and Stewardship: To nurture our land with sustainable agricultural practices that protect the environment, conserve water, and preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of our region. We aim to be caretakers of the earth for generations to come.
  3. Community Empowerment: To contribute positively to our local community by creating fair employment opportunities, supporting education, and fostering a culture of respect and growth. Our farm is a family not just by blood, but by the bonds we build with those around us.
  4. Cultural Preservation and Innovation: To honour and perpetuate the rich heritage of Colombian coffee farming while embracing innovation that enhances the quality of our coffee and the well-being of our community.
  5. Global Connection: To bridge the gap between Colombian coffee farmers and coffee enthusiasts worldwide, sharing the story and unique tastes of our beans with those who value the art of fine coffee.

Join us at Fina La Holandesa as we journey towards these objectives, crafting not just coffee, but experiences that resonate with warmth, care, and the spirit of Colombia.


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Original price was: €20,00.Current price is: €16,00.

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Our café y Servico

At Finca La Holandesa we produce several varieties of coffee including, Castillo, Bourbon, Caturra in our farm situated 1800 m.a.s.l. We offer various processes, all of which are done by hand and traditional machinery to preserve our heritage and the unique taste of our coffee.

We are certified by the FNC to export coffee and offer business services via our Colombian & Dutch entities.

Quality Assurance

All the coffee that is produced at Finca La Holandesa is stringently checked by our team and samples are issued per harvest / batch for testing and cupping by CQI approved graders in Santa Rosa De Cabal.

Finca La Holandesa is a proud member of the Specialty Coffee Association, and our staff regularly attend SCA courses and achieve the SCA certification on a various range of subjects.

Santa Rosa De Cabal

Santa Rosa de Cabal is Eje Cafetero “and its economy revolves around coffee. Although in recent years it has increased tourist activity, as it has attractions such as two hot springs and a medicinal mud lake with therapeutic properties for the skin. The municipality preserves the architectural style of the coffee towns of the middle of the 20th century with its houses of flowered balconies characteristic of the Antioquian colonization, its central church, Minor Basilica and the Araucarias Park.

During the day you can constantly hear the comings and goings of off-road vehicles christened ¨yipaos¨, as it sounds, a word derived from the native pronunciation of Jeep Willis, transporting people and loads of coffee.


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